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Why I'm Running

I am passionate about public education. A big reason I am running for school board is because I believe that – at its best,  at its ideal – public education offers every child in America the opportunity to grow up to exercise their constitutional right to: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and to become contributing members of society.

I raised five kids in Canby schools and during that time I was intensely involved:

  • Serving on the school board;

  • Volunteering weekly for 12 years in each child’s classroom;

  • Sitting on two different  site councils

  • As an active PTA member and officer for more than 12 years.

  • Volunteering for the school-sponsored Graduation All Night Party (GAP) for 8 years.

In those 18+ years I learned so much about our educational system, but my one big take-a-way was this: that when there is a paradigm shift in society and/or the economy, education must accommodate those changes. I believe we are definitely at one of times now.

So, in addition to academics, tech and career training, and the arts, we need to be graduating critical thinkers and creative innovators. School boards must be pursuing the question of how to do this with administration, educators, parents, students and the community so that OC kids are ready to participate in the opportunities and challenges they will face when they graduate.

Also today, unfortunately, it’s become necessary that we provide safe spaces for learning.  This means: providing full tummies; ensuring that bullying and racist acts are not hampering student learning, and providing that boys, as well as girls, understand consent and healthy relationships. School Boards need to empower our educators to find solutions to these and other issues, through the making and enforcing of strong policies, and by looking for non-traditional ways to partner with other organizations to meet such needs.

Safe, thinking, innovative, and skilled students are successful. And successful students today will be the active, caring community members and effective leaders needed tomorrow.

Vote by May 21st!

What You Can Expect


As your representative on the school board I will push for open communication with the community and will facilitate opportunities, such as town-hall type meetings, for you to share your ideas.

I have been endorsed by the Oregon City Education Association (OCEA) and School Employees Association (OCSEA) in part because I will collaborate with administrators and educators as well as hold them accountable

And most importantly, you can count on me to spend the time, ask the hard questions, and have the sometimes difficult conversations required to find the new ideas and innovative solutions we need to get Oregon City students ready for a successful future.

Upcoming Events

  • Apr 27, 2019, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Home of Helen & Scott Hays, 18553 S Ferguson Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045, USA
    House Party in support of candidates for the Oregon City School Board.

A Little About Me

A home grown Oregonian, I grew up in the Southern Oregon town of Central Point. I had a successful 12 year public education experience and headed for George Fox College. Unfortunately, I did not have any solid career direction and so left school at that time. Almost 20 years later, I returned to college, received a degree in Social Science, and embarked on a career in the nonprofit sector; most recently as a Development and Communications Director.

From Southern Oregon, our family moved to Canby where my five children also had great public education experiences and I was a dedicated volunteer. Through-out their K-12 education, my kids were privileged to have dedicated and talented teachers and administrators, traits that I have come to believe are the hallmark of public school educators. And I am pleased to say that, in part to those solid public school experiences, my kids are all successfully navigating their adult lives.

In 2017, I moved to Oregon City, fulfilling a 10-year dream of living where I spend a great deal of my free time involved in Oregon City Chamber and Clackamas Repertory Theatre. I love Oregon City’s vibrant downtown, how the culture is steeped in our state’s history, and the wonderful community-minded people I have the privilege to know.   

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